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We pledge to reinvest a majority of our profits into our social mission.

Rotational Savings Clubs

Esusu is a mobile app that helps people create and manage Rotational Savings Clubs with their friends and family members.

A Rotational Savings Club is a group of individuals who save and borrow together in a form of peer-to-peer banking. Group members contribute funds into a pool on a regular basis, and then take turns withdrawing funds from the pool.

Rotational Savings Clubs are also known as tandas (Latin America), partnerhand (West Indies/UK), cundinas (Mexico), susu (West Africa and the Caribbean), hui (Asia), Game'ya (Middle East), kye (South Korea), tanomosiko (Japan), pandeiros (Brazil), juntas or quiniela (Peru), and arisan (Indonesia).

Apple vs. Android

You need a smartphone (Apple i-Phone or Android), a valid US Social Security Number or driver's license, and a US bank account in your name. If you do not wish to provide your Social Security Number or driver's license, you may be able to register with your Facebook profile.

Yes. Users can download the Android version of our app off of the Google Play store here.

You cannot register for Esusu using an international phone. You may be able to use the Esusu app internationally if you have a US Sim Card or a Twilio US phone number. You should consult with your phone carrier before trying to use the Esusu app internationally.

Yes. Groups can be formed across phones and operating systems.

Esusu Fees

Esusu charges each group a at subscription fee of $10 per pay-in cycle, which is allocated eually amongst the members in the savings group.

Example 1: if there are three (3) members in a savings group, and they each make monthly contributions into their collective group fund, each member will pay a fee of $3.33 per month.

Example 2: if there are ten (10) members in a savings group, and they each make contributions into their collective group fund every two weeks, each member will pay a fee of $1.00 every two weeks.

We do not charge any other fees at this time.

Payment Processing & Data Security

Your bank account must be linked to the Esusu platform so that payments between group members can be processed in a way that is convenient for you.

Please see our Privacy Policy for information regarding this topic.

We ask people to provide their Social Security Number (SSN) during registration, as described in our Privacy Policy, as part of an industry standard process known as ‘Know Your Customer’ so that we can validate user identities. This is an important measure to ensure the platform safety of all Esusu users. Esusu also plans to report each user’s payment history on the platform to credit bureaus to help them build their credit score, and a SSN is required as part of this process.

Should your SSN not work, we can alternatively verify your identity through an official US government ID such as a passport or driver’s license.

Esusu’s payment processor works with a FDIC insured bank and all amounts for individual users are insured up to the FDIC maximum of $250,000.

Esusu uses industry standards to encrypt and safeguard your information. Furthermore, we do not store information about your bank account after it is linked.

Payments are made directly from your linked bank account via SynapseFI, our payment processing partner.

Group payouts are deposited directly into each member’s linked bank account. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for payment processing to occur.

No, not at this time, because credit cards have high transaction fees.

You are welcome to change the bank account that you have linked to the Esusu platform.

No, not at this time. We are exploring ways to expand to international banks.

At this time our platform requires a basic bank account. We are exploring ways to expand Esusu to individuals without a bank account.


Please do not share your account details with anyone.

If you suspect that your account has been hacked, please email us using the Esusu website contact form.

All fraudulent, hazardous, or questionable activities should immediately be reported to Esusu Support. Behavior that should be reported includes: (1) Failure to pay; (2) Harassment on group chats; (3) Suspicion of money laundering.

Credit Scores

Esusu may report your payment activity on the platform to America’s main credit bureaus. When you keep your commitments to your group members, your credit score may benefit.

In addition, Esusu may compile a unique ‘Esusu Score’ that can serve as alternative proof of creditworthiness. Credit is designed to be a proxy for trust. For individuals with limited credit history this is very difficult to build in a short-time frame. Thus the Esusu score looks to provide an alternative way for financial institutions to evaluate your trustworthiness as a borrower or bank user.

If a person doesn't make their contributions, Esusu may report their default to the credit bureaus just like any other unpaid bill.

Joining and Leaving Groups

Once you have downloaded the app and completed the registration process, it will prompt you to create a group. You will need to enter a group name, set the number of members, amount of each payment, and frequency of payment.

As a group leader you have the following obligations: (1) set the savings and payout parameters of the group; (2) invite people to participate; and (3) help encourage group members to keep their savings commitments.

If you do not set up a group yourself, you may be invited to join a pre-existing group. Invitations are issued by text message and email.

At the moment you must receive an electronic invitation to join an existing group. You can also create your own group.

Esusu will send an electronic warning notice to any individual who fails to keep their commitment to the group they are a part of. If the group member owes money to other members, Esusu will process an auto-payment from that person’s linked bank account. If the withdrawal attempt fails, the individual will be blocked from using the Esusu platform, and any balance they owe will be sent to a collection agency. The missed payment will also be communicated to credit bureaus.

No, once you have committed to joining a group you need to stay a part of it until the payment cycle is complete. It would be unfair to other group members if you were able to terminate your agreement in the middle of the cycle.

The group leader is responsible for determining the payout order.

No, not at present. In future versions Esusu will allow members to request changes to the payout order.

No, not at this time. In future versions Esusu will allow group leaders to change.

Banking & Payments Partner

Esusu partners with Evolve Bank & Trust to hold all money transacted on the platform. Evolve Bank & Trust is fully FDIC insured and PCI Compliant.

Esusu partners with SynapseFI for all payment processing and transacting.

To report a complaint relating to the bank or payment services, email [email protected]. Please also reach out to [email protected] in order to ensure any issues are resolved.

SynapseFI’s Terms and Conditions can be viewed here, their Privacy Policy is available here, and additional Legal Resources can be found here.

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